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JW Marriott Singapore wedding staircase decoration

JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. 5 Stones Florist decorated the staircase entrance with 3 different types of wedding theme to welcome guests into the venue.

Here's are the 3 wedding themes that will definitely leave an impression. 

Wedding theme colours: Autumn, white, dusty rose, peach, rust orange, honey gold 

What are good colors for autumn weddings?

An autumn leaves wedding theme perfectly complements an orange colour scheme, with shades of orange, yellow and brown used throughout your décor. 


Wedding theme colours: Summer colour, soft pink, peach, soft purple, hot pink.

What colors are best for a spring wedding?
Pastels and Deep Accents, Different Shades of Pink~


Wedding theme colours:  colourful pastel, blue, peach, blush and white

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