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Calvary Baptist Church Singapore

Updated: May 12, 2021

Church wedding Solemnization done at Calvary Baptist Church Singapore

This is the first wedding decor we did at Calvary Baptist Church Singapore. The couple (Jeddidah and Meisum) was to introduced to us by one of our best friend.

When we first visited the church, our first thought was how to dress up the red chairs to match the dark blue aisle. But actually the couple had an idea early on the wedding of having a white carpet on the aisle (if it is within their budget). Thank God I managed to get that carpet within their budget.

So here we go.... oh oh oh... Theme wedding was finally decided: pink, white and Ivory.

The couple told us to expect a big wedding with about 450 guests, so we decided to cover 16 rows with all pews decorated, along the aisle.

Pink, white and Ivory

We went with a combination of lighter tones - pink, white and ivory. By mixing and matching the different shades it helps to set the mood for a soft and dreamy wedding. This palette is perfect for a soft, romantic look.